Global Decentralize Marketplace connecting farmers to traders and investors.

Agrichainx is Africa’s first global Blockchain, Internet of Things and Big Data enabled decentralized marketplace connecting farmers with traders, finance, tools and resources. As Africa’s fastest growing agritech company with extensive data bank, market, stakeholders we offers total agricultural solutions, ranging from pre-harvest to post-harvest.

Agrichainx features a descentralised market place to enable farmers-consumers trade using a smart contract, a crowd funding modules for farmers to raise funds using smart contracts, a public-private funded network of cold storage facilities, a supply chain solution to track product quality and movement, a data base of farmers across the world on blockchain, smart contract editor enabling easy to handle automatic transactions including adding third party services and secure payments, a universal token to enable fast processing of funds and execution of smart contract, AgricHub that facilitates regional activities taking place inside the agrichainx ecosystem, self-administration and product quality inspection, verification, testing & certification features.

Our ecosystem work to simplifies and streamlines agricultural commodities trade, supply chain, value chain, food security, international collaboration, contracting, logistics, financing and payments for all stakeholder.

Our Vision

To be the largest industry-wide ecosystem powered by emerging technologies in managing the agricultural operations; farm data, trading, financing, farm- to-table food traceability and bulk supply chain operations.

Our Mision

To explore the potential role of emerging technologies in shaping the future of agriculture for the better.


Predicting harvests timing and commodity pricing in the global market.

Leveraging the power of emerging technologies; data-precision, AI, Blockchain and IoT, we provide real-time synchronisation of supply and demand. Various key factors like soil health, moisture levels, pests and diseases, which could affect crop yield, are identified and resolved at ground level to ensure healthy crops and better pricing for the farmers. Our high-end platform can predict harvests timing and commodity pricing in the global market.

And by collating extensive data, Agricahinx can identify best farming practices and provide inputs to farmers in regards with ideal time in a year to sell the given crop. These high-end solutions are just some of our achievements that we plan to take to different agricultural communities across the world in order to promote sustainable farming backed by emergent technologies.

Global Presence

With our strong relationships at all stages of Agricultural operations, we are using our world-class trading, financing, marketing, storage and logistics network, to connect farmers to buyers in Nigeria and overseas, including food and beverage manufacturers, animal feed manufacturers, consumer product processors, local importers and distributors and government purchasing entities.

As a global agricultural marketplace we help provide sustenance for a growing population, working to create fair and sustainable value for the benefit of current and future generations.

Youth Empowerment

In order to create employment opportunities, Agrichainx is actively training rural youth and appointing them as ‘village entrepreneurs’ who in turn reach out to the farming community thus honing entrepreneurship skills. Engaging the young population is of paramount importance forlong-term viability of agriculture.

Engaging Rural Women

Rural women are leading in agricultural entrepreneurship, they comprise almost 50% of the workforce in developing nations and the success of agriculture isn’t possible without empowering the rural women. Agrichainx offers micro-financing options to them to help increase yields and in turn help the starving world.

Education for Farmer’s Children

Agrichainx is actively supporting primary and higher education of farmer children and making their dreams come true. We believe that every child has the right to education and build a stable & secure life. Our future of tomorrow shouldn’t suffer due to financial constraints.

Agribusiness Incubation

There is a huge need and value in fostering agribusiness entrepreneurship. Agrichainx will work to create and participate in agricbusiness incubation programs. Agrichainx aims to connect and provide market access to all.

Education for Farmers

We engage with smallholder farmers and rural communities educating them on sustainable farming practices. We provide access to technologies and in-depth training, enabling them to grow responsibly produced crops. We provide practical market guidance as well.

Smart Food Movement

Agrichainx aims to reach the health conscious aspirational consumer market worldwide. We are engaging high-level specialized social media platforms to influence the informed audience. Also, we are working on creating modern smart food that possess high nutritional value. We aspire to promote healthy living for generations to come.

Improving Life for rural Communities

Agrichainx is working towards developing markets and linking farmers to our platform that offers traceability, transparency and in addition builds confidence of consumers. This also helps in doubling farmers’ income and improve their standard of living.

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Agrichainx is Africa’s first global Blockchain, Internet of Things and Big Data enabled decentralized marketplace connecting farmers with traders, finance, tools and resources.


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