Agrichainx provides customized solutions for Agriculture Ecosystem, we are evolving from traditional role of farmers to master Agricultural financing, trading and keeping Food Security at the center.


  • Geo-Spatial Tagging for geographical identification.
  • Seed apportionment to support farmers for the production, storage and distribution of seed.
  • Crop Colony Analytics.
  • Precise and controlled water dispersion through IoT enabled water meter sensors.
  • Farm operations excellence - in-depth crop management with all field tasks included.
  • Simple variety selection- in-depth analytics per field, crop, and variety.


  • Minimize food wastage and keep product fresh.
  • Monitoring the movement of produce from harvest to consumption.
  • Reliable data to track the product journey throughout.
  • Real time data on when product was harvested and processed and who produced it.
  • Making sure of genuine products to avoid spurious products' availability.
  • Value addition through each and every stakeholder throughout the journey of a product.


  • Allows crops to be grown at all times throughout the year as it is not weather dependent.
  • Maximum yield through Smart Aeroponics/Hydroponics farming.
  • IoT enabled Drones grab data and calculate crop health via heat signatures.
  • Precise and controlled water dispersion through IoT enabled water meter sensors.
  • Smart greenhouses in size and capacity to grow fruits and vegetables.
  • Monitoring of various data points every harvest with predictive data analytics to minimize typical risk associated


  • Insightful Activities from Sowing to Harvesting.
  • Plan for input purchase and use.
  • Develop cash flow budget for faming season.
  • Determine need credit and period requirement.
  • Determine labor requirements and plan for peak usage times.
  • Organize contractors for land preparation and harvesting.
  • Making available genuine & relevant inputs
  • Trust creation through credit rating.
  • Operational planning from planting to harvesting.
  • Determine labor, equipment, input and finance requirement


  • Resource planning by optimized supply chain and efficient delivery to helps higher sales.
  • Identify ideal prospects, potential sales, and reach out when the timing is right.
  • Target, qualify, and close opportunities more quickly by prioritizing prospects with technology insights.
  • Refine your ideal customer profile, increase engagement, and generate more qualified leads with technology intelligence.
  • Target future sales based upon data insights from the field.
  • Analyze global markets with technology intelligence to identify the greatest opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.


  • Smart and integrated chip card to make transactions fast.
  • Crop insurance and evidence tool for managing farmers’ claims.
  • Farmers’ pension to provide benefits and secured retirement to famers in their old age.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending to enables farmers to obtain loans directly from farm sponsors.
  • Crowdfarming to enable a number of investors share risks and own shares in a farming venture.
  • AgricPay is a multi-sig crypto wallets and crypto payments processing service to help smallholder farmers.
  • AGNWallet is a smart multi-currency wallet to hold AGN and other cryptos.


  • We make logistics solutions to work for the agricultural industry with tailored solutions for every mode of transport.
  • Harmonisation of quality standards of agricultural produce and provision for assaying (quality testing) infrastructure.
  • Effective warehouse management to help control day-to-day operations.
  • With smart supply chain system to self-organize and self-optimize data from connected sensors.


  • Agrichub to access training and consulting in order to expand farm business management skills and supports.
  • Agricultural extension services to facilitate learning and extend new knowledge and technologies in non-formal educational settings to improve agricultural productivity
  • Field Agents to Collect data, manage field staff, improve traceability and simplify certification.
  • Efficient market information for up-to-date information on prices and other market factors.


  • Quality Commodity Procurement.
  • Real-time monitoring and efficient aggregation through mapping of crop with farm & farmers.
  • Efficient collection with minimum food loss for better logistics.
  • Quality and quantity of commodities are guaranteed by licensed commodity exchanges.
  • Fair transaction fees because they are transparent, low-cost and only charged on success.
  • A revolutionized markets for agriculture commodity traders in emerging markets

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