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Farmers are the backbone of our society. Farmers provide us with food, they play vital role is our daily survival. As a result, the entire population of the country depends upon farmers. Because of them, we are able to live on the planet. We are creating a rich market for food in Sub-saharan Africa, empowering farmers to feed nations. Agrichainx is digitizing Agriculture to ensure food security through empowering smallholder farmers in distant pocket locations.


Our traders operates in the downstream of the agribusiness value chain, we work together to promote and ensures good quality produce directly from verified farmers to suppliers and helps access digitized warehouse network nationwide, which has helped traders cut down on costing, improve profit margins and expand their business. We strive to streamline and improve the process of trade negotiations, bring more transparency and trust to the commodities marketplace, enable small-and-medium size companies to grow their business, and make the platform an indispensable tool for every company involved in selling or buying commodities worldwide.


At the heart of Agrichainx ecosystem, farm sponsors help farmers scale up production through access to investors funds. These investments empower farmers to produce more, create more employment, empower their communities, reduce poverty and preserve the future. With sponsors funds, farm operation are optimized by leveraging efficient, trustable and transparent technology and with the new age emerging and digital agriculture they support small famers to ensure food security.


Ownership plays a crucial role in enterprise development. Specifically, ownership assigns residual rights of control and residual rights of income. Our shareholders influence corporate decision making and require a representation in the board to empower their voice. They also maintain structural linkages between owners, board and management as a key to the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s operations. Ensuring best technology support in policy decision making and strategic advisory to create incentive policy by real-time insights by leveraging technology.


Government and NGOs are putting a lot of effort into ensuring food security in developing countries. Agrichainx empowers them with a central platform for managing farmer networks that focuses on key areas for boosting farming productivity. With Agrichainx cloud-based approach we are looking to implement a flexible e-agriculture solution to boost agriculture within country's borders by supporting government and NGOs with; Automated legislative reporting, Subsidy and loan risk management, Countrywide insect pest and disease alerting, Enhanced digital advisory services.


At the center of our operations we form famers into agricultural cooperatives to ensure operational excellence and to support farmer network with integrated communication with all farmers and central management of all cooperatives. Agrichainx cooperatives are intended for selected partner companies that already work with many farmers on a daily basis (like various Agri input distributors), and wish to expand their product portfolio with an innovative value-adding product.


Due to the rapid climate changes, we work with insurance companies that have risk mitigation tool to offer their clients involved in agriculture, with a goal to decrease financial risk of their insurance policies. Tailor-made weather indexing and farmer segmentation based on the historical risk of adverse weather conditions and insect pest risk on the farmer’s fields features. And also Prevent damages on the field caused by weather conditions by sending automated alerts to farmers for the risk of hail and frost.


With strong partnership we work with food processing companies that source crops from farmers and are faced with many difficulties regarding the quantity and quality of the contracted product. And so we work with processing companies to support their engagement with farmers and also help to define the production standards and best practices. As farmers comply with this new partnership, it help simplify data entry and reporting in order control production plan and execution with real-time insight into field operations.


We work with Agric input companies such as seed companies, input suppliers, and fertilizer companies in need of a unique tool that can help identify high-class varieties among countless fields. We partner with them as they already work with many farmers on a daily basis and to help expand their product portfolio with value-adding product, which help to bring innovative solutions for improving farm business productivity.

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Agrichainx is Africa’s first global Blockchain, Internet of Things and Big Data enabled decentralized marketplace connecting farmers with traders, finance, tools and resources.


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