Agrichainx uses innovative technologies to ensure digitization in agriculture in a sustainable manner for the betterment of farmers as well as consumers with efficient transactions; financing, trading, traceability and transparency right from the farm to your plate.


Agrichainx blockchain-based solution enables consumers to verify the journey of their product, tracing it from farm to table. It offers features like traceability and data security. Farmers selling on Agrichainx platform are enjoying benefits like fast payment and settlement. Our buyers too are assured of quality produce with high tech to trace the food origin.


We Capture, Predict and Act. The syntheses of Big Data and AI in Agrichainx help farmers gain access to complex information that is critical on-farm decisions. Agrichainx uses Big Data to help in cost allocation and reduction in farm operations via targeted allocation of inputs such as fertiliser and chemical application. This gives potential benefits around quality and volume of production that could see price benefits longer term as these costs savings are realised. In addition to traditional data collection, new data sources provide an additional layer of data gathering. Combined with Artificial Intelligence, our Big Data also discover hidden patterns for better risk management and fraud detection.


We leverage real-time data analytics backed by AI-automated process. Agrichainx AI enabled virtual assistant takes over repetitive “low-value” operations, such as performing small amount of transactions, gives fair pricing to both farmers and buyers. Our solutions include transaction discovery, transportation & procurement tracking along with optimisation with the help of real-time data


We provide actionable, easy-to-use data at every stage of the growing cycle. From field scouting and spray planning, to the execution of harvest and other cultural practice. Our analytics and insights provide transparency and efficiencies for your entire operations.

Our advanced IoT adds massive value across the entire supply chain including warehousing, last-mile delivery, and freight transportation.

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Agrichainx is Africa’s first global Blockchain, Internet of Things and Big Data enabled decentralized marketplace connecting farmers with traders, finance, tools and resources.


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