Agrichainx Equity CrowdFunding Campaign

Invest in Africa Global Agric Tech Startup powered by Blockchain, IoT and Big Data


Start date: 19 Mar 2019
Accepted Currencies ETH, BTC, NGN
Promotional package: Free agricoin token

Agrichainx is a blockchain and internet of things ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines agricultural commodities trade, supply chain, value chain, food security, international collaboration, contracting, logistics, financing and payments for all stakeholder.

Agrichainx, the subsidiary of Global Blockchain Innovative Technologies Limited, is developing four flagship products/services:

Our Approach


An online marketplace connecting agri trade networks from farmers to buyers.


An micro-financing scheme for smallholder farmers.


An enterprise hub that facilitates regional activities taking place inside the agrichainx ecosystem.


agrichainx’s institutionalized blockchain-based tokens that is used as a form of payment and settlement between participants.

Agrichainx combines digital trading, contracting, self-executing smart contracts, financing and embedded payment options in fiat and cryptocurrency, escrow service, and new food supply chain tracking and traceability powered by blockchain technology.

Designed to boost agric business processes, food security and supply chain efficiency, Agrichainx changes the way farmer, consumers, restaurants, super markets, companies do business, rendering traditional business models obsolete.

Value Proposition

Agrichainx is an all-in-one solution for agricultural commodities contracting, financing, payments, agric business processes, food security and supply chain efficiency.

Agrichainx combines the functions of farmers, middlemen, brokers, intermediaries, banks, escrow agents, and arbitral institutions.

Agrichainx – a simple solution for complex processes.

Use of Funds

At this stage, we are raising funds to develop and release working versions of our core products: agricmart, agricfinance, agrichub, agrichain, agricdata and agricoin.

See roadmap for detailed information on the product development milestones planned after completion of fundraising event.

To date, Agrichainx has been focused on streamlining the company’s processes, on the development of the core products and the ecosystem, and on creating value to its community.

Development Strategy and Current Status

Our strategic planning process involves a “bottom-up approach” – from unique products with immediate, practical application to a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem.

stage 1 Development of innovative products and the core elements of the ecosystem.

stage 2 Product implementation and integration – practical use and adoption of the blockchain ecosystem.

We are currently in Stage 1 – prototypes and demo-versions of the flagship products have been developed within the framework of the ecosystem development. The next step is the development of the working products. See roadmap for more detailed information.

Exit Strategy

It is too early to speculate about detailed exit strategies at this stage.

Agrichainx is yet to achieve ongoing profitability; thus, the success of the venture in the long run is contingent upon further funding. We are building the ecosystem, while simultaneously forging valuable partnerships and obtaining the regulatory authorizations – doing all that is necessary to achieve our vision. Agrichainx is striving to radically change the way companies do business, similar to the way Uber was a disruption to taxi services and Airbnb – to the hotel industry.

We will ultimately require further funding to fully develop and implement Agrichainx Ecosystem and may consider a variety of fundraising sources, including the possibility of an IPO, to secure funding for further expansion. We believe that IPOs for scalable blockchain companies will continue to attract considerable public interest in the coming years.

Promotional Package

Each stakeholder will receive the promotional package; AGN tokens and T-Shirt.

Each participant of the Initial Stake Offering/Crowdfunding campaign is eligible to receive a minimum of 500 free AGN token. For example, a participant who buy a stake during the campaign is eligible to receive 2000 free AGN token..

Token Sale and Company Valuation

Should the company valuation be expected to significantly increase as a result of a successful token sale event?

The agricoin token issuance is scheduled for 2019. However, the decision to invest in Agrichainx Initial Stake Offering should be based on the hope that the company valuation will increase as a result of a successful token sale event, adoption, uses case and listing for trading. However, the cryptocurrency market is currently characterized as being at the initial stage of development. And when you have a market that is insufficiently regulated and highly unstable, it is impossible to be certain on any predictions.

TGE Overview

The Token Generation Event will be conducted in compliance with KYC/AML regulations. Citizens or residents of USA, Switzerland, and restricted jurisdictions are not eligible to participate in public sale.

The limit on the amount of tokens for sale is set on a per-jurisdiction basis.

* The agricoin token is an ERC-20 utility token. When the Proof-of-Use (PoU) mechanism is launched and the proprietary blockchain is developed, the initial ERC-20 tokens may be swapped for tokens of the agrichainx proprietary blockchain.

Agrichainx Token Demand Key Factors

Symbol AGN




Accepted Currencies ETH, BTC, NGN

Soft Cap $5,000,000

Hard Cap $50,000,000

TOTAL TOKENS 200,000,000 AGN


Crowdfunding Campaign Structure

Investors make their investment in the shares of the fundraising project – agrichainx – via Global Blockchain Innovative Technologies Limited, which holds their shares on their behalf.

Investors are the beneficial owners of their shares in the fundraising project, but the shares are held on the investors’ behalf by theagrichainx