Step Into The Future Of AgricTrade

Agrichainx provides a platform for the commercial trade of agricultural produce where farmers, sellers and buyers can conduct the entire trade process in a secure and transparent ecosystem. .

Dedicated retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and other commercial buyers transact directly with their sellers on a platform that creates a transparent and trackable trade process.

I Am a Buyer

Dedicated farmers, agricultural cooperatives, and other suppliers of agricultural produce save money and earn more by digitizing their business.

I Am a Seller

Members create business profiles on the platform Every profile is verified to create a trusted, transparent, safe and secure environment. Through their profiles, users can access unique business tools including real-time management of daily orders, quotes, invoices, and payments.

Users create their digital ecosystems The ecosystems streamline communication between business networks with common characteristics. Within their ecosystems, users can interact with their network in real-time, share data, send notifications, and transact with multiple entities in one go.

Sellers create their digital inventories Every digital inventory includes key product details like certifications, varieties, weight, and packing options. The inventories can be shared with their buyers to provide full transparency of product availability.

Buyers and sellers transact with each other directly The digital platform enables a dependable process from the first quote request until the transaction is complete for the purchase and sale of agricultural produce. Every interaction is digital to enable the transacting parties to track every step of the trade process.


AgricFinance is a micro-financing scheme for small farmers. It will make grassroots financing such as lending, crowdfarming available and enhance financial support to farmers. AgricFinance will also enable farm insurance and farmers’ pension. Provides quicker access to funding resources and make farmers financially inclusive;

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Our Blockchain-based P2P platform connects lenders with profitable small farming communities around the globe. And is a transnational peer-to-peer crowdlending platform.We globally connect investors (lenders) with small unbanked producers and smallholders farmers (borrowers).


(Community-supported agriculture) operations bring together members of a community, who pledge to support a farming operation financially in return for fruits, vegetables, or whatever else a farm may produce. And this include the tokenizing of shares in community farms for easier sale and the ability to reward volunteer labor directly with shares, and minimizing food waste through sensor-based crop quality tracking.

Agricfinance at a Glance

Positive Impact Projects Only

Because they generate Value, as opposed to loans for consumption that generate Debt.

Real P2P

Money goes straight from lenders to borrowers via Smart Contracts, without intermediaries, not even ourselves.

Access to the Unbanked

Especially the agricultural sector which represents a significant part of 2 billion unbanked people.

Farmers’ Pension Scheme (FPS)

Provides pension benefits to small farmers for an assured income, a secured retirement in their old age.


Agrichainx enables like-minded farmers to agree on lending arrangements driving down the cost of accessing agricultural financial products.

AgricCSA (Community-supported agriculture)

Connects members of a community, who pledge to support a farming operation financially in return for farm produce.

Know-How in Project Selection

As producers, buyers and financial intermediaries of agricultural production we have strong field contacts and first-hand experience.


By gaining access to live, accurate, immutable data, ins'urance companies are able to effectively assess claims, offer tailored products to customers.


We are a premier crowd funding platform using technology to transform African agriculture by promoting shareholding farming and addressing value chain gaps. Our crowdfarming platform enables:

1. Investors, both large and small to jointly invest in crowd funded large scale farming projects,

2. Land owners to lease their land for our crowd farming projects,

3. Small holder farmers to join our out growers to supplement our supply and

4. Buyers to have a reliable source of high quality farm produce.


Choose farm to invest in

Here’s how you can become an impact maker and be part of the mission to improve our farmers’ lives.

Farm successfully funded

Sign-up and register to be able to view and invest in the selection of farms curated for this cycle.

Empower farmers and improve productivity

Funds and resources will then be utilized to improve production. We manage the funds for the farmer making sure it is used in the right way ensuring you get a good return on your investment.

Fruits of your investment

After the harvest and once the produce has been sold, the capital will return to the investor’s wallet together with the profit shared.

Transparency & Security

All documentation for your investment is through a smart contract (secured via blockchain). The contract is fully transparent to investors outlining returns, timeframes, use of funds, and other key elements.

All parties have online access to this contract.

All parties have online access to this contract. Funds/Returns will be deposited directly into investor wallet (in £/€/$) and can be transferred to any bank account worldwide or reinvested in other projects.

Agrichainx Payment Gateway

The payment options currently available for ordinary farmers are almost unrealistic. The administrative process of opening an account is a complicated and time -consuming option for ordinary farmers whose life relies on farming. As a result, vast mass affluent is deprived of necessary banking solutions. Furthermore, to all those who can access banking are deprived of the lion share of the revenue they have generated as almost 50% of the share is taken by the middlemen. Agrichainx will address these issues by providing a decentralised payment gateway; the payment gateway will ensure peer-to-peer transfer and value storage between farmers and consumers.


AgricPay is a 2-level crypto payments processing service. As a payment gateway, AgricPay will have the following features:

• Creating mobile multi-sig crypto wallets;

• Safe crypto assets storage;

• Free and instant payments within the platform;

• The option of issuing and receiving bills/invoices

• buying and selling cryptocurrencies in online mode;

• Recurring payments;

• Binding to bank accounts and cards;

• Integration with third-party software (for restaurants, accounting, inventory control, etc.).


AGNWallet is a smart multi-currency wallet. You can create both as a unique wallet for your smartphone and synchronize it with other devices (PC, tablet, smart watch, etc.) Functional Agrichainx ecosystem wallet will allow users to:

• To ореn multi-currency accounts and crypto-currencies.

• To issue invoices and pay bills.

• To use only one or both of wallet levels.

• To make instant and free transactions.

• To have access to exchange operations and conversion of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

• To use the integrated messenger

AgricCard - Touch & Pay

AgricCard - Touch & Pay card aims to enable customers to make micropayments with their AGN tokens at shops, supermarkets and day-to-day online shopping.


AgricStorage supports smallholder farmers, agricultural service providers and development workers by providing them with storage facilities across board for sustainable agriculture. Harvesting, conditioning and storing crops correctly maintain the value of the crop and maximise marketing opportunities.

Agrichainx’s quality assurance department works closely with our own stores as well as third party stores to monitor storage conditions and recommend remedial action as necessary.

Expert management of grain quality during storage ensures grain supplied to consumers meets contract specifications and complies with food safety laws.

Cleaning and drying grain is often required at harvest, particularly during wet seasons. This reduces the likelihood of rejections leading to claims, additional haulage and redirection

Growers should consider whether to store unpriced grain in order to capitalise on market gains. This is particularly helpful at harvest when there may be an advantage in avoiding pricing at a typically discounted time of the marketing.


Agricdata integration aims to reduce costs and times of data management, in order to support farmers in making right decisions on field and to provide the necessary documentation.

All data coming from fields, weather, treatments, water resources, IoT analyses and more, will be automatically collected and organized into the platform, then tracked by the blockchain code from the origin of the product to its transformation, up to the final retailer.

We provide solutions that solve complex technology challenges across the entire agricultural supply chain. Our solutions enable farmers to allocate scarce resources to produce a safe, reliable food supply in a profitable and environmentally sustainable manner.


Measure your crop with unmatched precision. We provide forecasts up to three months prior to harvest. Our software technology analyzes fruit quantity, density and size to help optimize your farming.


Evaluate attributes such as maturity, defects, diseases, and pests. Select customized qualitative attributes for inclusion in field scans. This allows you to better allocate resources.


Manage your ranch and your business with accurate and comprehensive intelligence. Maximize revenue by remedying low yield areas. Minimize costs associated with future contract settlements, labor, chemicals and 23

Save Time

Share farm data across all devices in real time, eliminating dual entry and USB hassles

Improve Efficiency

Automate critical workflows to make smart in-season decisions that improve the bottom line.

Reduce Human Error

Improve field record integrity and streamline data entry with software that syncs automatically.

Drive Profits

Track your cost per acre so you can make intelligent decisions throughout the growing season.

Save Time

Share farm data across all devices in real time, eliminating dual entry and USB hassles


AgricHub is an enterprise hub that facilitates regional activities taking place inside the Agrichainx ecosystem. It is a central unit that looks after the interests of farmers and retailers by taking over the complex responsibilities like setting up a smart farming contract. Realizing that blockchain-based services are overly complex for non-technical users, AgricHub will ensure that the farmers’ interaction with an advanced agrichainx is done using methods that are known to them. For instance, bio-verification or value transfers using thumb prints.

The agrichub provides a high profile, professional home for agriculture organizations and related companies.


AgriChain is a supply chain architecture that tracks and monitors crops right from the time they are harvested to the time they are received by retailers/consumers.

Agrichain will supports farmers in the traceability and in the certification of agricultural products by using the Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

This security system allows to make safe and automatic all the transactions along the supply chain, increasing the high quality production, improving the environmental sustainability and guaranteeing transparency and safety to the final consumer.


The Blockchain allows to verify in a transparent manner the digital history of products along the supply chain, from farmers to final consumers, guaranteeing food safety and quality against the food market falsification.


Certificate your activities and share all the needed information with your clients or certification providers in a centralized and easily way, reducing costs and time


Free to work and manage your data everytime and everywhere in real time, using mobile interfaces and the integration of ChatBot


Guarantee the techniques and the adjustment to the production policy rules, for the DOCG products and to those intended for international markets.


Meet the legal needs imposed by the European regulation to farms and guarantee the production chain. Always updated with the law directives


An automatic system to integrate information coming directly from invoices, receipts or other agri-food chain data devices without manual data uploading.


Our partnership with reputable Logistic companies will see us exploring new possibilities for blockchain-powered supply chain management.

We offer multimodal transportation management capabilities and agricultural logistics solutions for a variety of agricultural goods, including cocoa beans, maize, potatoes, tomatoes, avocadoes, eggs, meat products, a variety of fruit, wheat, sunflower, sorghum, soya beans and peanuts, as well as lime and fertilisers.

We are also deploying innovative Smart Logistics solution in addressing the quality, quantity, sustainability, and cost effectiveness of agricultural production. Smart Logistics monitors the temperature around the material and automatically reports any deviations from set thresholds. The deviation provides not only the temperature but the duration and the locations.

How it works


Smart Logistics allows food producers, packagers, and shippers to monitor the condition of food shipments to control temperature and guard against spoilage, which is critical for both fresh and frozen shipments of produce, meats, and seafood


Smart Logistics solution enables companies to monitor a range of information about their essential equipment, such as returnable/reusable containers. This includes location of containers, the temperature, the process workflow, and cycle time.


Trucks will typically start and stop at the same location while doing multiple pickups during the day. Smart Logistics automatically displays the exact location of trucks and the nearest truck to the pickup location.

Precision farming

Agrichainx IoT- based smart farming system is built for monitoring the crop field with the help of sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc.) and automating the irrigation system. And this oversee the farm conditions from any location. Agrichainx uses a special technology for these operation called smart agric.


Plant population

Plant population Using our AI2 technology, we can report plant population to farmers, regardless of growth stage of the crop. We can detect the position of each plant to calculate plant emergence.

Weeds early detection

Smart agric can detect when a weed emerges in the field and constitutes a potential threat to the yield and then classifies it. This type of alert allows us to target specific weeds by species.

Field Health

Smart agric can calculate the amounts of nutrients in vegetation, the water content in the soil, plant temperature and much more. We help farmers keep track of the field’s health, detect subtle changes and act before they affect their crops.

Insects and Disease treatment

Smart agric can identify and categorize the top relevant diseases for prevalent crops in our areas of operation. It can also detect physical damage to the foliage caused by known insects and pests.

Actionable Insights

For producers and service providers, they need to know how to act on threat data. The real power of image data comes from actionability. Converting image data into field events such as scouting and sampling.

Ultimate ag-imagery solutions

Smart Agric offers the ultimate ag imaging based on its proprietary technologies UHR & AI2 that offer a unique synergy. The UHR prioritize stressed areas that need more attention

All information combined

Smart agric not only provides image capture capabilities but feeds all imagery into it’s full analytics platform that farmers and chemical input manufacturers can license to provide and implement.

Task management

Instead of calendar, whiteboards, notes and paper schedules, Smart agric gives your team an easy to use task manager that is integrated in your workflow. Designate tasks and activities to any field.

On-demand imagery

To deliver remote sensing at scale, we monitor the entire sky over the farmlands with a system called FOCS which automates flight planning and route optimization for a network of 3rd party pilots.

Smart field scouting

Smart agric app is the best tool for data collection and integrated threat management in the field. Smart agric detects problematic hot spots and prioritizes them for further investigation.

Growth problems

Our platform can analyze images, taken in proximity to sowing time, in order to detect growth irregularities while there is still time to resow or to correct the underlying problem.

Anywhere, anytime

Smart agric dashboard is accessible from any computer. It is easy to “monitor in a glance”. Using the dashboard the farm manager, agronomists and consultants can see history and all relevant data as layers on our GIS.

24/7 Customer service and team of agronomists

As part of the services, we provide 24/7 customer support, with offices spread worldwide, and in each location we have teams of local agronomists and consultants.

Air scouting

Smart agric created the multi-layer air scouting. Users can detect a problem by using satellite images, and select specific fields in the need of UHR whole field 8cm imagery, and from there detect specific areas of the field.

Crop-specific management plans

we not only provide the ultimate ag-imagery solution and the ability to gather data about fields, but also assist producers and service providers to plan the best ROI plan for their specific crops.